The Outstanding FCF Service Award is a recognition bestowed upon Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship members who have shown exemplary service to the Fellowship. Any member of FCF is eligible to be recommended for the Outstanding FCF Service Award for truly embodying the motto of FCF—To Give and to Serve. It is awarded by the National FCF Action Team.
A person making the recommendation must be an FCF member in good standing with his Chapter. The person being recommended shall not be informed of his recommendation to prevent embarrassment should the application be declined. In awarding the Outstanding FCF Service Award, the National FCF Action Team intends to recognize members for one of the following:
  • For service, dedication, and devotion to FCF purposes;
  • For extraordinary service to FCF beyond the duties attributed to a member’s position in the organization;
  • For extraordinary dedication to the Trapper’s Brigade program;
  • For extraordinary dedication to Pathfinders;
  • For a selfless act that advances the goals of FCF, or
  • For a selfless act that significantly benefits another FCF member.
 These could be single acts, a series of deeds, or a lifetime given for service to others. If, in the eyes of the person making the recommendation, the person being recommended had exhibited exemplary conduct that would serve as inspiration to others, then he may qualify should the action team concur. The acts may be unheralded or they may command headlines. 
Applications for this award may be found under the FCF Forms tab of this website.
The Outstanding FCF Service Award


Award Number Recipient Name Year Presentation Photo
1 Herman "Happy Guy" Geesaman 2011 Photo
2 Rex "Miami" Chaney 2011 Photo
3  Joe "Sharp Iron" Landers  2012 Photo
4 Ed Hazzard   2012 Photo
5 Cletis Coe    2012  Photo
6  Bob Mitchell  2012 Photo
7  John "Highland Spirit" Robinson  2012 Photo
8  Art "Flintlock" Sullivan  2012 Photo
9  Lee Fogleman  2013 Photo
10  Daniel Harlan   2013 Photo
 11 Fred "Hawkeye" Deaver 2014 Photo
12 Rev. Doug "Discerning Eagle" Marsh 2014 Photo
 13 Steve "Running Fox" Schultz   2015 Photo
 14​​ Jim "Eagle Heart" Barger 2015 Photo
 15 George "Star Geezer" Reynolds 2016 Photo
 16 Cruz "Cross Fox" Padilla 2016 Photo
 17  Ted "Oak" Schmidt 2016 Photo
 18 John "Many Waters" Hembree 2016 Photo
 19 Anthony "Black Arrow" Hubbard 2016 Photo
 20 Don "Little Crow" Coplin 2016 Photo
21 Charles "Flying Bear" LaSure 2016 Photo
22 Wes "Fire Eagle" Kilcrease 2016 Photo
23 Ralph "Grey Fox" Palmerton 2016 Photo
24 Rick "The Major" Barnish 2016 Photo
25 Jay "Sledgehammer" Metzger 2016 Photo
26 Harry (Skip) "Spotted Feather" Sliker 2017 Photo
27 Tom "Jo Boone" Jamison 2018 Photo
28 William "Red Paddle" Chestnut 2018 Photo
29 Dale "Hope Giver" Turner 2019 Photo
30 Leroy "Rattler" Lister 2019 Photo
31 Paul "Grey Owl" Walters II (posthumously) 2019 Photo
32 Jonathan "Bigfoot" Trower 2019 Photo
33 Mark Oliver 2019 Photo
34 Rick "Simon Tanner" Dostal 2019 Photo
35 Tracy "Little Mountain" Stambaugh 2021 Photo
36 Mark "Broken Lance" Lance 2021 Photo
37 John "Jawbone" Gilmer 2022 Photo
38 Harold “Long Story Short” Truhn 2022 Photo